​    Heather Joy Zelch, known as Heather Joy in her artistry, comes from a long ancestral line of the arts. It is her strong belief that this gift has not only been divinely designed within her nature but also woven into her DNA as a blessing and gift from her lineage.

    With no previous schooling in arts; solely self-taught, Heather Joy believes art should come from within. Attending only one art lesson at 14 years of age she quickly realized that her art had to find its way out of her rather than into her. She receives joy in producing art that no one else has expressed and it is her passion to bring the unseen into view. “The universe and world around us is a mere expression coming into view from that which is unseen to the natural eye.”

“Art has come smooth and easy since childhood.”

     “I have a strong lasting memory from my childhood of which my mother has reported did not happen; it was in my school year of 1st grade, on several occasions, that it took place. I found a trap door under the carpet of my closet. I remember going down a small ladder that led under the house and walking on dirt. I recall quite vividly seeing model ships made gold and wild paintings, they seemed ancient to me as a child. There were many of them. I remember thinking I had found a treasure hidden underground. I went to this place often as it was my secret. I recall my younger brother with me at times. As the years have passed my family tells me this place did not exist. I believe it did and there I found my Future”
     Abstract, interpretive, and expressionism art are newer to Heather Joy; however it’s the sense of limitlessness and freedom that draws her to these forms of art. “Abstracts seem to remove all boundaries and borders.”

     Heather Joy has devoted herself to her craft for the past two years. It wasn’t until the beautiful demands of motherhood lightened that she has been able to explore different forms of art with dedication. Since then she has been commissioned for several pieces, of which each has been a thrill and dramatic difference of face from another. It is her hope to continue commission work on the basis that her dreams of art are able to fulfill someone else’s desire.

     Those who find a place for her body of art, both in their hearts and homes will find themselves owning a “one of a kind” work.