1. Waters Edge
    Waters Edge
  2. Embrace (SOLD)
    Embrace (SOLD)
  3. Bursting Seasons
    Bursting Seasons
  4. Merging
  5. Sky Lake
    Sky Lake
  6. Touching Ground (SOLD)
    Touching Ground (SOLD)
  7. Lake on Fire
    Lake on Fire
  8. Found in the Mane (SOLD)
    Found in the Mane (SOLD)
  9. Belonging
  10. Kissing Stars
    Kissing Stars
  11. Central Park in Love
    Central Park in Love
  12. "Imagine"
  13. Petrified Wood (SOLD)
    Petrified Wood (SOLD)
  14. Expressionism "Prepare For War"
    Expressionism "Prepare For War"
  15. Her Hearts Melody
    Her Hearts Melody
  16. Woman's Glory
    Woman's Glory
  17. New Beginnings (SOLD)
    New Beginnings (SOLD)
  18. Doodle (SOLD)
    Doodle (SOLD)
  19. Breaking Chains
    Breaking Chains
  20. River of Life (SOLD)
    River of Life (SOLD)
  21. Territories Awaiting
    Territories Awaiting
  22. Incense
  23. Rocky Mountain Explosion
    Rocky Mountain Explosion
  24. Changing Atmosphere (SOLD)
    Changing Atmosphere (SOLD)
  25. Promise (SOLD)
    Promise (SOLD)
  26. Matter of the Heart
    Matter of the Heart
  27. Northern Sky
    Northern Sky